Welcome to Tupper Homes! ..................... Since 1981!


We are the Lake Area's "true" local builder. We have been designing and building custom homes in the Lake Area since 1981. Don't be fooled by the "local builders" who just arrived when talk of the housing boom began. 


We specialize in building Luxury Courtyard Homes that maximize your enjoyment of the "Active Adult - Empty Nest - Lifestyle".

 While this has become our specialty, we also continue to design and build custom homes for Every Lifestyle.


Our Courtyard Homes (not to be mistaken for patio homes) are primarily built in our own developments. They are designed with one open and one closed side so that neighboring homes "nest" together --- the open side has lots of large windows facing it's courtyard side and on the closed side there are high "transom" windows to let in natural light while still preserving privacy from the neighboring courtyard.


If you want more detail read on:

Our Courtyard Homes, instead of being centered on the lot are actually positioned on or very near one of the side property lines. The side of the home that is positioned on or very near the property line is called the "Privacy Wall" because it has no operating windows or doors; therefore, it actually acts as a privacy wall between neighbors.


In our Courtyard Homes, the entire side and back yards are concentrated in a single "courtyard" space, which is both visible and accessible from most major rooms in the home. With minimal effort and expense, your own private courtyard literally becomes the perfect outdoor living space for entertaining, gardening or relaxing anytime.


There are several advantages to "Privacy Wall" design over traditional centered lot design.

The two most important advantages are:


# 1.   PRIVACY - "Privacy Wall" homes provide virtually complete privacy from adjacent homes. Because the privacy wall of the neighboring homes have no operating windows or doors, and acts as a "brick fence" separating homes from one another, each home has extraordinary privacy.

Fixed glass windows may be used on the privacy walls to provide natural light -- however, they will be a minimum of six and a half feet above the floor to maintain privacy.


# 2.   MAINTENANCE - On a centered lot, the homeowner must maintain lawn areas on all four sides of the home, even though most of that space is not visually attractive from inside the home and is not actually "usable" and "enjoyable" space. This problem is solved with the "Privacy Wall" design.